Bill Lee

I never thought I would be a photographer when I was young. I never even imagined that photography was something that I would enjoy. But it was the camera I got from my father when I was in 11th grade that started to plant a seed that taking pictures might be cool and maybe get me a few more girls’ phone numbers. Then I started shooting with my Uncle who was a wedding photographer and I was hooked.

I just want to make sure that every time I take a photo of someone that I do them justice and capture who they really are. I love simplicity because when we make things complex that’s usually when we make things confusing. I live by the mantra that “real life is simple.”

Awards don’t thrill me, achievements don’t move me, and accolades don’t make my head any bigger than it already is. I just want people to get as close a glimpse of what I see through my lens and enjoy what they see. I am thankful everyday that I’ve been given this gift, passion, and opportunity to do something that I really love.

I’ve taken pictures of a lot of different people, in a lot of different places, doing a lot of different things. And the journey is just beginning and I would love for you to come along for the ride.